Buddha Backflow Incense - Zen Decoration

Color :
70pcs Mixed
20pcs Mixed


This beautiful incense burner is the perfect choice for a zen and peaceful decoration.  It's that kind of piece that's so simple and delicate that involves you in a peaceful vibe every time you look at it. 

The incense smell and the backflow effect will bring you the right mood to relax.

You can choose between 4 different colored buddhas or 2 beautiful monks. 

  • Material: Ceramic
  • Aromatherapy Plate
  • Color: Green - Blue - Red - Yellow (Budha) Beige - Grey (Monk)
  • Pack Includes: 1 Incense Burner + 20 Mixed Burners 
  • Extra Items For Sale: Pack 20 Burners / Pack 70 Burners

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