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Benefits of Organic Cotton  

What are the Real Benefits of Organic Cotton? 

In the previous article ('why should you choose to use organic cotton?'), we refer that the common cotton although it is more used, reveals more dangers in its cultivation, that is, it represents higher destruction of the soil, and danger for the animals and even for the farmers themselves that use cotton cultivation as their day job, and going even further it can cause skin diseases for ' traditional ' cotton users.

In reality, the problem is not in the cultivation of cotton in the conventional form, what is worrying, it's the quantities of pesticides that are used, in the cotton cultivation. Pesticides aren't just a food farming concern, but also a problem on the culture of raw materials for textiles.

In the organic cotton farming there's no use of pesticides, the pests that may have emerged, are fought with the introduction of beneficial predatory species, or with plants that may bring other insects, and thus are naturally removed from any use of pesticides.  
A study conducted with major organic cotton producers such as India, China, Turkey, Tanzania, USA; showed that the cultivation of organic cotton contributes substantially to the reduction of the environmental impact. Some of the reasons for that reduction are the lower water consumption, drastically reduced gas emissions, as well as the energy used. 

 Organic cotton preserves soil fertility because its culture is based on crop rotation, that is, the alternation of species planted in cultivation, so that it does not exhaust all soil nutrients. Thus, there is no need for synthetic fertilizers, nor an absurd expense of water.
Surely after this reading, you're more than convinced with the benefits of organic cotton on the sustainable fashion industry.

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'The Earth is What We all have in common' 

- Wendell barry - 

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